Phillips Pharmacy now offers AdherePac™

AdherePac helps you take your medications on time, every time. By taking medications exactly as prescribed, you reduce your chances of over-/under-medicating, readmission to the hospital from a former condition, or experiencing a relapse in a condition. You can disenroll at any time — no obligation.

What You Get:

All of your medications in one place

We take care of getting all of your prescriptions transferred which means one pick up or delivery, once a month.

Medications synchronized

One 30-day fill for less billing, no mid-month calls for doctor approvals. AdherePac is organized by date and time for easy administration.

Reminders for non-oral solid medications

Inhalers, creams, liquids have their own pouch built right in to remind you of those important meds.


Many over-the-counter supplements and vitamins can be included right into your adherePac pouches. Our pharmacists can consult with you to determine which OTC’s are available to you.

Re-usable box to hold your AdherePacs

You will receive your box when enrolling in the program, and at the end of your roll, simply replace with the new one. A free replacement box is available every six (6) months.

Auto refills

One call from our staff, 7 days prior to your refill to ensure no medication changes. We contact your physician for refills if required.

No additional costs

Your copays remain the same, your insurance is billed automatically, and any out-of-pocket expenses are charged to your debit/redit card.

Pharmacy support

Our team is here to answer questions at any time.